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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

The Vedic Cultural Centre (ISKCON) Thunder Bay is a community services project. The Vedic Cultural Center is open to all regardless of race, religion, sex, nationality or economic status.

Inspired by the teachings of HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, Vedic Cultural Center is dedicated to preserving, practicing, and growing the Vedic tradition for the benefit of younger generation and all people. The Vedas teach that we are all part of one great family with a common origin. Therefore Vedic culture celebrates commonality of all human beings and teaches them to live in harmony with nature by practice of the universal principle of ahimsa or non violence. Another major theme of the Vedas is para upakar: doing good to others.

The Vedic cultural center practices respect of all people regardless of race or any other material designation. Education for making enlightened choices in life is the primary goal of the VCC for spreading light and peace in the world.

Come and join the fun and be a participating volunteer to grow the VCC for the benefit of our children and future generations

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow


our mission

To provide an excellent facility for Thunder Bay community to participate in cultural events, seminars, exhibits and festivals that help preserve and promote the traditional Vedic arts, cuisine, music, dance, drama, literature and languages.

Vedas are ancient scriptures from India that provide spiritual and material knowledge for the upliftment of all people. Veda means knowledge. This knowledge has been passed down from the very beginning of time. Vedic culture has preserved the principles of right action and right thought that promote peace and social harmony. Modern society can benefit tremendously from the Vedic knowledge and culture.

We invite you to connect with the original teachings of the Vedas and enrich your life’s journey with this five thousand-year tradition. Vedic life is simple – learn through arts, music, dance and drama while leading a life of social harmony and respect for basic human dignity.